Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day seven

The agent sent me the email a week ago, and since then, I've gone into manic mode - sixteen thousand words as of this afternoon. Every morning, I wake up thinking, "Oh God, I have to write again," and it doesn't go away until I've finished.I have no idea if any of it is any good or if the book is any better or worse; I can't wait to be done and distance myself.

The good news is, we have officially signed on the dotted line for the new apartment. The moving company has been contacted. I have three weeks and a day left on my job; tomorrow, I'll write my letter of resignation. Or copy / paste, whatever.

I can't wait to be done with the day-job office for a while. I've had a four month break in the past ten years; I could spend the rest of my life without the computer-geek job...


  1. So you have an agent and she/he wants you to revise? That would just blow me away. What's your book about? Or do you not blog about that? Some writers don't like to share until they're finished or published. That's cool. I blab mine all over my blog. Probably a stupid idea, but it helps keep me focused. : )

  2. I don't have an agent just yet! BUT - I did get a reply from an agent I really like that said she likes the idea, but it needs to be longer and a few things need to be revised. She asked me to fix things up and resubmit, which was very nice.

    I haven't blogged about my book yet, but there's no reason not to! It's about...
    (and this is hard to do without using my query as a cheat sheet):

    Scott is a high school student and author. Two years ago, his little sister died of SIDS. His parents were destroyed. Scott, already an introvert, shut himself off from everyone. Six months after his sister died, his parents began attending services at a fundamentalist church.

    Scott, under increasing pressure from the church to join, just wants to be left alone. After studying the Bible for himself, he becomes an atheist, but finds himself distanced from his parents. When his parents find that he's indulging in self destructive behavior, they send him to a psychologist. Over two weeks, Scott begins to enter into the world again as he communicates through his short stories and journal entries.

    That sounds like he's autistic or something - he's not. It's more of a story about being the loner in high school and not knowing what to say to people, and finding a way through stories - and, eventually, finding the courage to speak out.

  3. I had a dream about you the other night. I dreamt I told you something by Nabokov (I read it out to you) was the most perfect passage ever written. You told me that it wasn't, that it was because I was dreaming that I imagined it was meaningful. I claimed I would remember it word for word and write it down the minute I woke up, but, of course, I couldn't remember it. It involved a couple watching two moths at dusk.

    You and your wife's work habits sound just like those of Vladimir and Vera Nabokov. I can't wait to read your book, when it gets published.

  4. I'm *really* excited about it - I've worked harder on this than anything in my life. I think it's getting really good. I have the next two books lined up, and they're starting to look exciting.

    How are our work habits like Vladimir and Vera Nabokov? I don't know enough about their personal lives to know!

  5. Wow. Sounds great. I like that your MC is a guy. Getting sick of girl MC's. Love the premise, too. When it comes out, I'll buy a copy and send it to you and your wife to autograph - Mr. and Mrs. Starving Author. : )