Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello, Ants! Goodbye!

For Christmas, I got an ant farm.

It wasn't just any ant farm - it was one of those sweet new neon-blue ant farms. The outer-space kind. Up until we moved into our new house, it sat unused in the closet, just waiting - as are we all - to be filled with red ants.

Last week, it was finally warm enough. I did not have to worry about coming out to the mailbox to find a package of frozen ant corpses. So I ordered a vial, and a couple of days later, I had twenty new friends.

And these little red guys were fast. A few hours after we put them in, they were already digging tunnels...

A day later...

They were pretty exciting guys. This one was my favorite:

In less than a week, the ant farm went from amazing to depressing. They stopped digging tunnels and started trying to chew their way out. And then came the dilemma: do I let them go or keep them? If I let them go, they're probably going to be eaten by a predator. At the very least, without a queen, they aren't going to be doing a whole lot of exciting stuff.
Then again: if I leave them in the farm, they'll die within a couple of months, all the while trying to escape.
SO, this afternoon:

So long, ants!


  1. Can I name the two in the bottom picture? Let's call them Carl and Tina.

  2. Oh, I have ALWAYS wanted an ant farm!!! How cool! But now this makes me rethink it knowing the ants were just trying to escape. That was nice of you to let them go. :)

  3. Oh, the possibilities!

    Also, that comic was never really explained to me. For a while, I thought the "misdirection" thing meant that he actually put the ants in the cereal. However, that's pretty batshit crazy, even for the comics. The question remains then - what is he actually putting in there!?

  4. Saw your query on Query Shark. I thought you had an interesting story. I'm writing something similar. Maybe we could bounce around ideas.