Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tomorrow, I should wrap up the second draft of The Cherubim - and my lovely wife can finally read it. I'm really excited; she hasn't read any of it yet. I don't think she even knows what it's about.

Thursday, my family is coming into town to spend a couple of days. I'll take off to recharge my brain before starting Book Three.

Sorry for the brain-dead, infrequent posts. I'm spending my off-hours watching youtube videos of Sandra Lee, my new favorite person. Who else can make a $40 cake into a $500 cake by adding store-bought cupcakes, decorated cookies, and sprinkles? "Priceless", quipped a moronic co-host of the show, devastated after he was told his smiley-face cookie was too Wal-Mart to be added to the cake.


  1. LOL "too Walmart" love it!

    So AFTER Rebecca reads book 2, we get to, right?

    : P

  2. Absolutely, if you're still interested :-) I still have a few problem areas I'd like to iron out before showing anyone, and then I'd really love some feedback... there's parts I enjoy and parts I can't stand.
    I started this book with more of a story in mind (instead of just a character outline that got fleshed out), so it really seems to read a lot better... but there's still a few points that seriously drag.
    Feeling so much better now that I've got that thing out of the way, though.