Saturday, March 21, 2009

Query Shark revisited!

Two months later:

I'M SO, SO HAPPY! This is amazingly awesome. I want to dance. I got the "Good Revision Example" tag. This is what comes of - they helped me polish this to a fine shine. At least I know now that if I'm getting rejected, it's because they're genuinely disinterested - not because of a particularly bad query. :)


  1. Hi Robert,
    Got your email. We're back in town now. You're welcome! You can pass on the favor by referring any writerly people you meet to querytracker. The folks there are so great.
    I have a little picture set I want to send to Rebecca so have her email me your address.
    Let us know when you're ready to share book 2. We're ready to read. : )


    I'll absolutely send on any writerly people to querytracker / critique circle.
    And once I've made Rebecca's modifications to the book, I'll send it on. I'm hoping to get a good ways into the new book so I can look at The Cherubim with a fresh eye, but the way things are going, I might go ahead and edit The Cherubim soon. Ironically, without the stresses of work, the new book is going very slowly (though part of that is getting started. That always seems to be the hardest part, getting past the stage when I'm just winging it.)

  3. Yes, I know how you feel. Without the stresses of work, I tend to suffer from a bad case of xbox360itus.