Thursday, April 2, 2009


Not the best way to begin a morning; the full-manuscript request ended in rejection. Inconsistent writing, no offer of reevaluation after an edit.

Rebecca says I should start querying The Cherubim, as it's a far better book (I agree; The Dead Rise is a little piecemeal.) But I don't want to give up on The Dead Rise yet, as I really like it.

I'll keep querying as I work on this book, and if I haven't found a home by the time I finish, I'll work on getting The Cherubim up to snuff. But man, I wish today had started better.


  1. Don't you worry, babycakes. It'll all work out!

  2. Oh, damn. I could give you all that "each rejection brings you closer to the acceptance" mumbo jumbo, but I know it doesn't help us feel better no matter how true it is.

    So, I recommend two hours of hard xboxing - game of your choice, but I like Fallout 3 and Rockband - then a bowl of ice cream with pop tarts crumbled over it, an hour nap, then back to the edits.

    Put it through critique circle for help with rewrites and editing (especially the first 50 pages), and in the meanwhile, keep querying. Start with the agents at the bottom of your list, because the book will improve with each rewrite, and you want to save your best agents for the best version. That's all I got for advice, except "hang in there," and "listen to your wife," 'cause it will all work out!

    : )