Sunday, November 8, 2009


I disappeared for a month! The book's bummed me out, so I'm dropping it for the time being. I'm supposed to be having fun with this, and even though I thought I was ready for this level of rejection - I wasn't. SO! Let it all calm down, start working on something else so I don't take this so personally, and think about querying later.

We went to a goat farm today!! Rebecca should have pictures up in the next day or two. Noble Springs Dairy is just a few miles away from us, and I buy some amazing chevre and feta from them every week - and they had their first tour today.

We milked a goat.

It was fantastic; this weekend feels like the first time in a long time that we've really been social, that we've really been out in the world, and it was fantastic. Even with my new job, it feels like I've put myself into a little bubble, and I've just started making little experimental voyages here and there. It's exciting.

Everything just seems so bright and full of possibilities. I've been feeling it more and more since I left Memphis - especially in the last couple of months. Escape velocity.


  1. Why is there no mention here of how disgusting the milking process was? Tim and I enjoyed hearing all the gory and allegorical details.

  2. I started to, and then I started really upsetting myself and I stopped. Did I get across how warm it was? Have you ever come into contact with a human being whose body temperature is higher than yours? :-( Like sitting in a chair and finding, to your disgust, that someone with a warm ass sat there just a few minutes before.

  3. I saw you IRL today!! Katz's! (I hear it never closes)
    I was with Kenton and his family and you looked very involved in your conversation, I didn't want to interrupt.
    Sorry I didn't say hi, but now... HI!