Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Passes.

I've been pretty lazy the last couple of weeks. I'm enjoying it. My birthday, our anniversary - and, this week, a visit from the in-laws. I'm lounging around, living off the work of my beautiful wife, and baking the occasional cake.

I needed to step away from the two books for just a bit; enough to clear my head so that I can get around to editing and rewriting. In the meantime, Rebecca and I have been working on a new recipe blog! She's taking pictures of the food, and I'll write the text. I'm kind of getting excited about it. She's really good at photography. We worked on the first post last night - it should be coming up very, very soon.

And of absolute interest to nearly no one: I have a couple of great job interviews coming up over the next week. And every time I say something like that, I think I cast a hex on myself. Keep your fingers crossed for me, everyone.


  1. Good luck with the interviews!!

  2. Fingers crossed! I can't wait to read the food blog. Rebecca's photos are to die for, and I'm sure you'll include your witty humor in the posts.

    I'm going to get around to posting pics of the beautiful magazine Rebecca sent me. I read it cover to cover as soon as it got here. Fantastic!