Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Cherubim finished!

As planned, I finished the first draft of The Cherubim today. The ending frustrates me; I don't think it's 100% there yet, but that's what rewrites are for, right? I'll spend the next month working on the second draft. Normally, I'd wait a couple of months, but I think the near month long February break was long enough. Time to jump back in and do some serious reworking; I'll spend the next couple of days on a reread, since I apparently forgot 90% of the book.


  1. You're on a roll, Mister! Very exciting!


  2. A-hem. If you want people to read your blog, you have, you know. : )

  3. I know :( I've been neglecting everything while I'm working on this second book. Bad times; I've had a major headache the last two days. I think it's time to let up and relax for a bit!