Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nashville: Day Two

Honestly, it's day six or so, but who's counting? It's my second day of writing. I did my quota of revising yesterday and created a rough outline for the synopsis, so everything's great.

Got up this morning to do my so-called daily routine (make breakfast, go for a long walk), and only half of that happened. It's twenty-nine degrees. I got as far as the dumpster before saying, okay, I'm awake enough.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon wrestling with this fucking internet. Finally made the deal with the devil and called Comcast. I promised myself two years ago that I'd never, ever, ever have anything to do with them for the rest of my life, but... AT&T customer service is just as bad. If the choice is between the $40 slow, intermittently failing devil and the $40 blindingly-ten-times-faster devil, I'll... wish for municipal broadband?


  1. Don't say the fuck word!!! lol.

  2. LOL You crack me up, Rebecca!

    29 degrees? Heck, we still grill out when it's 29 degrees. We don't even break out the winter coats until it's 10 degrees!

    We had a lot of trouble with our internet when we moved here, too. We're out in the country, on 4 acres, and you couldn't get anything out here at first (we moved here 9 years ago, a few years after we moved in together). Then we had dial up for a couple years, but it was so slow we canceled. Finally, they brought wireless here last year. I'm SO grateful! It goes down every time the wind blows, but it's much better than dial up.

    You two kids have a wonderful day. : )