Saturday, February 7, 2009


Thank you, LizB, for suggesting I post on! It took a few days before I got around to it. I'm nervous about putting out a piece of work for criticism. When I sent out my first couple of query letters, I felt sick to my stomach every day I didn't get a reply. I irrationally kept expecting replies like, "Who are you, and why are you sending this to me?" But really, that's part of the point of writing - just putting everything out and taking criticism.

I've got some GREAT suggestions so far - suggestions that address a lot of problems I have with my current query. Once we're in Nashville and I finish polishing this draft, I'll feel a lot more comfortable about sending out queries again.

This is a weekend of goodbyes and packing.


  1. Glad you posted there. I haven't been on QT much, as I've been writing and writing (and writing) on my new novel. The folks there really help. Just remember, you can't take every single piece of advice or it will make your head spin. There'a a lot of conflicting opinion. Take what makes sense to you, and don't feel guilty about ignoring the rest.

    If you try out Critique Circle, my member name is Lizabeth there. Pop in and say "hi." I have a private queue, and a friend of mine is a middle grade/young adult writer with her own queue, too. I'm sure we could send you an invite if you decide you want to go through the critique process. These are private queues and not open to the general public, so it's much easier to take the plunge. : )


  2. Critique Circle - can you do more than just stories there? I like the idea, but everything I've seen there is just short stories, and all I have are novel excerpts! I love the idea, but what else can I post?

  3. You can post novel chapters, one or two at a time. Best to keep the word count of what you're posting at or below about 3000-3500. Any more than that and you won't get many crits. If you join, I think I can invite you to my queue. I'm not sure if you have to have a premium membership. I don't think so. To create your own queues, you do have to have one though. If you want to join my queue (It's just me and two friends, I like to keep it small-the idea of public queue posting makes me hyperventilate), send me a PM on the site from your member name, and I'll be able to find you and invite you that way. You don't have to post chapters if you don't want to. You can just browse and see how Marva and I crit each others' work. She's a Middlegrade/teen writer. Very nice. A good friend of mine. You can also post chapters if you want (I think - I'm pretty sure if I invite you to the queue you can post without being a premium member). Anway, if you get on there, look for Lizabeth, that's me. Click on my name and it'll bring up my profile. Then click "message." You can send a message that way.
    Marva and I are working through a novel each together on there right now, chapter by chapter. Really helps get it cleaned up. You have to be open to constructive criticism, of course, but Marva and I are pretty mild critters.


  4. Thank you so much for your post on Querytracker! That's kinda what I was thinking about the "handful of agents" line - I thought it was silly to add, but that's something I read conflicting things about.

    A chapter at a time would be *spectacular*, especially if it's a smaller queue of folks (I don't know about letting the world read it just yet.) I signed up for an account under the same username (masterh); they said I'd be added as soon as someone verified my account (?!) Once that happens, I'll search for you on there!

    Thank you again for all your help.

  5. I sent you a few messages on critique circle about the queue. I couldn't invite you to my credit queue (where all members of that queue can post) because you're not a premium member.

    I was able to invite you to my queue called "Liz's Credit Queue" though. If you want to post on that one, you can email it to me (see below).

    Marva's going to try and invite you to a queue where you can post - it's just me, her, and our friend, EJ. EJ isn't very active on it, though.

    If she can't get you an invite to that queue, and you don't want to get a premium membership, just email me the chapter you want to post - attach it as a word doc - and I'll post it on my queue (the one you're already invited to).

    my email is lizbrenaman at yahoo dot com

    Hold off until I find out from Marva if she can invite you to hers, though. I'll pop back in here and let you know what we figure out.

    *typical critting etiquette is to return a critique for each critique you get. I don't care about it at all, so don't worry about mine, but some members, especially on the public forums, can get quite touchy about it. So when you get a crit from someone (besides me), be sure to return the favor. Just click on the member's name, click on 'stories,' and pick one to crit.

    Looking forward to reading your work.


  6. Just sent you a reply on the forums! Apparently, it doesn't send emails, so I just read all your messages.

    I'll absolutely return critiques! I guessed that was the protocol, as I'd also be frustrated if I sent a critique without a response. I think that reading others' works and finding what works (and why) will help me grow as a writer.

  7. I had a feeling you would know the critting etiquette, but I figured if I didn't say anything, then some psycho on the public queues took after you about it, it'd be all my fault. Then I'd carry all this guilt, have to go on Prozac or Zoloft or something.

    (kidding kidding : )