Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The city is cold. The city is rainy. I have a headache, and I guess the three things may somehow be correlated.

Yesterday, the furniture arrived. Most of it was in one piece; some of the plastic lids were cracked, and there was a brief moment of panic (and simultaneous exhilaration) when I saw our television box impaled on the legs of a wooden chair. Fortunately (I suppose), the legs just smacked the back of the television, leaving the screen intact and working fine. Two hours of lugging in boxes that weighed more than a tired man; my legs ache today.

Last night, my mind went from "Let's take a day to get everything in order" to "Let's start the book right now, right away!" So this morning, I woke up, found it was raining (no walking!) and started immediately. The book is good. I left it in decent shape. I sent the first chapter to LizB to post on CritiqueCircle, which makes me feel a little nervous (and excited.)

I'm hoping to get the book and query to a point where I can start querying again late next week, and I think that's do-able. I found out today that I need a synopsis. How'd I miss that? I started writing one, and it is just awful. AWFUL. But awful is better than nothing; awful can be carved into decent and polished into good.

By the end of the day, I'm hoping to have read through the first quarter of the book, have a decent first draft of the synopsis, and posted on QueryTracker and CritiqueCircle.

That may have something to do with the headache, too.


  1. Well, it's freezing cold here, so you won't get any sympathy from me! (kidding)

    The synopsis is the absolute worst part of writing. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Has to be done, though.

    I'd let Rebecca take a crack at writing the synopsis. She writes very well (as evidenced by her blog), and sometimes it's easier for someone who isn't the author to write the synopsis. Really. I bet she'd do a great job. My husband really helped a lot with mine. It was easier for him because he didn't feel like he needed to add every single cool detail from the book. Marva helped TREMENDOUSLY, too. She's amazing.

    Have fun on CC. You should talk Rebecca into joining with us!


  2. Being in Houston for a year really messed up my internal temperature - back in the day, I used to be able to bike to work in seventeen degree wind, and it was fine. Now, though - I've got a blanket wrapped around me.

    Rebecca's gone over the synopsis a couple of times and helped make some wonderful improvements. I've posted it on querytracker, too, just in case anyone has advice. But - it's miserable. I always hated book reports and reading the front flap of a book, for what it's worth. I know, no one can read through a ton of full manuscripts... but writing that rough synopsis was painful.

    I'll try to convince Rebecca to join us!