Monday, February 2, 2009

So it goes

It's my last full work week in Houston, and I'm gearing up to leave. I'm training my coworker, and that's going better than I'd hoped.

I'm still hoping to write through this week; I'd like to get to Nashville with maybe a week's worth of writing to finish on Book Three. Still written like an enthusiastic fourth grader's book report, but I just have to remember that story is the key, not detail. Once the story's in place, I can fix the rest.

I started looking for Nashville jobs today, breaking our solemn oath of No Full-Time Job for Four Months. This is because I found a job in Nashville as Press Secretary to the Democratic Party. Taking notes, writing agendas, and hanging out with the Senate. Have I ever been a Press Secretary? Absolutely not. But as I read, I thought - I can do this.

So I sent them my resume, and I wrote a nice cover letter explaining that I was an IT worker, but I'd had plenty of experience doing the kinds of things that Press Secretaries seem to do and, as someone who enjoys writing, I'd be well qualified to handle the workload.

That was probably quite naïve of me. But how could I pass up an opportunity like that? It was surreal, and that drew my attention.


  1. Oh My Gosh. I am totally jealous! I hope you get it so you and/or Rebecca can blog all about it and I can live vicariously through you guys! I AM SO JEALOUS! Oh My Gosh. What if you get to meet the President? What if you get to meet Bill Clinton? Or Jimmy Carter? I'm going to hyperventilate. *runs off to hyperventilate*

  2. My fingers are *SO* crossed on this. The more I thought about it, the more I realized - I could do this. It'd be something completely different than I'm used to, and it might be really fun.

    Then again, I bet the only response I get is for 'intern programmer #1.' :-/ Why did I apply for a job I've done and disliked?